Playlist #38: cooking videos; a study-with-me session; some relaxing piano music; a cottage ambiance; a street walk in Paris; and your favorite barista.
Playlist #37: real starbucks ambiance; asian food cooking asmr; study with me; and more.
Weekly Playlist #36: lo-fi beats; Starbucks ASMR; study playlists; uplifting music; and more. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Weekly Playlist #35: Westminster walk; dreamcore playlist; journaling ASMR; coffee ASMR; study with me; bookstore ASMR
Weekly Playlist #34: cozy winter asmr, study with me at a cafe, piano music, coffee sounds, and more.
Weekly Playlist #33: cooking in the wild or at home, study at Starbucks, hear someone journaling (yes), and more!
Weekly Playlist #32: cooking ancient recipes in an eighteenth-century setting; a street walk in Liverpool; keyboard sounds; coffee asmr; and more.
Weekly Playlist #31: Hogwarts ambiance, cake and cooking ASMR, dark academia music, library ambiance, coffee ASMR, “study with me” sessions.
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