Weekly Playlist #17: coffee vlogs, the perfect morning routine, Hogwarts bathroom, and write-with-me sessions
Weekly Playlist #16: coffee ASMR, library ambiance, study music, write-with-me sessions, and more.
Weekly Playlist #15: book ASMR, coffee ASMR, street walk in Odessa, travel journaling
Your Weekly Playlist #15: Ghost ship, a small coffee biz in Bangkok, street walks, and more.
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Weekly Playlist #13: weird stuff, focus music, coffee ASMR, and 1920 San Francisco
Weekly Playlist #12: A real-time “write with me” with Ali Abdaal, coffee ASMR, the sound of Montparnasse, a very Parisian coffee shop, camping in the…
Weekly playlist #11: You’ll spend 10 hours in a cozy Manhattan loft before hitting a busy coffee shop and meeting your study buddy in Brooklyn.
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