Sit down and chill with a coffee, with Scarlett Johansson. Or hangout with Matthew McConaughey
It does have a 1 minute intro, but once it gets past that it calms down. Enjoy the study time.
Jun stroll’s to a wonderful cafe on Jeju called OSULLOC. Jeju is South Korea’s Hawaii.
kick back and relax a little bit. Ice coffee at the sunrise.
Gaze through the porthole from this Cruise Ship’s cafe.
Today’s Friday so we’re listening to something weird. An hour of a barista roasting Coffee beans by hand. Is it a loop? Leave a comment “Yes, it’s a lo…
Welcome back to Bali. Working in the rain today!
This video is for you, if you miss the ambiance of being in a cafe, or if you're just curious with how a cafe operates during this tough time, especial…
Meet Heidi West. On a laptop that sparkles!
Not my villa, Not your villa, but it can be your villa for an hour while you work during the rain. Leave a comment if you work better when it rains.
Today’s Friday so we’re listening to something a bit weird. It’s just a couple of dudes camping. With some talking throughout but wonderfully long segm…
Jun heads to Alartz Flower Cafe in Seoul. 68 minutes full of walking in, then sitting and enjoying the sweet sound of a cafe.